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Yu Sheng Lo Hei at Satay Inn – “A Prosperity Toss” to the New Year!

Promotion Period: Until 2019-02-17

“Yu Sheng Lo Hei” (Prosperity Toss) is an auspicious festive appetiser enjoyed during Chinese New Year amongst Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia. The tossing of raw fish and other ingredients in the dish symbolises abundance and prosperity in the year to come.

Each ingredient in the dish is a symbol of prosperity. Before eating, all diners stand around the table to toss the ingredients in the air together with chopsticks. The higher the toss, the greater the prosperity.

1. Fish: Abundance throughout the Year
2. Pomelo: Golden Harvest and Good Fortune
3. Pepper: Bringing in Wealth
4. Oil: Prosperity throughout the Year
5. Shredded Carrots: Growing Prosperity
6. Shredded Green Radish: Vitality of Youth
7. Peanut Crumbs and Crisps: Overflowing Fortune
8. “Yu Sheng” Plum Sauce: Blissful Life

The promotion is available from 21 Jan to 17 Feb, 2019

For reservations or enquiries:

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers

2738 2368

City Garden Hotel

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Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

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